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Social Assistance and Information in the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons from a Household Survey in India

  • Alan Gelb , Anurodh Giri , Anit Mukherjee , Kritika Shukla , Mitul Thapliyal and Brian Webster
  • covid-19

The COVID-19 lockdown provides a test of whether these investments in digital infrastructure would pay off and help the government deliver relief quickly, efficiently and equitably.

Delivering Social Assistance during COVID with a “Digital-First” Approach: Lessons from India

  • Alan Gelb, Anit Mukherjee and Brian Webster

India offers lessons on the interaction of “real” and “digital” relief programs during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns when digital mechanisms have played a vital role in the delivery of social assistance benefits.

Coping with COVID-19 in Bangladesh

  • Mimansa Khanna, Akhand Tiwari and Jakirul Islam

The report discusses what the LMI segments know, understand, and feel about the COVID-19 outbreak and examines its effect on them. The report also highlights actionable recommendations for policymakers to design suitable interventions that can help the LMI segment cope better in this difficult situation

One Nation One Ration Card – The Road Ahead

  • Mitul Thapliyal and Abhishek Jain

The blog highlights the road ahead for the Indian government’s new program—One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC). The objective of the program is to build upon the digitization of the Public Distribution System (PDS) for foodgrains with a focus on beneficiary-centric reforms.

Digital Cash Transfers for Stranded Migrants: Lessons from Bihar’s COVID-19 Assistance Program

  • Anit Mukherjee

This note describes how the Indian state of Bihar addressed the policy challenges to implement a cash transfer program for migrants and the lessons it holds for India and globally.

National Payments Corporation of India and the Remaking of Payments

  • William Cook, Anand Raman

The story of National Payments Corporation of India sheds light on the quick and robust transformation of India’s payment systems. The lessons learned from the NPCI success story can be useful for policy makers in financial inclusion and other markets.


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