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Agent Networks at the Last Mile

Most digital financial services users require agents to help them switch between worlds of cash and digital currency. Global evidence suggests six principles for building viable agent networks in rural areas home to poor, financially excluded populations.

Awareness, Communication, and Outreach for Social Protection Schemes during COVID-19

COVID-19: How Countries Can Use Digital Payments for Better, Quicker Cash Transfers

Citizens and States: How Can Digital ID and Payments Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

Coping measures for “measurement” in the time of COVID-19

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Africa’s Journey Towards an Integrated Digital Payments Landscape and How the EU Can Support It

  • Ennatu Domingo, Chloe Teevan

This policy brief outlines why cross-border interoperability of payment platforms across Africa is important, where the opportunities and challenges lie, and how international partners such as the EU can support African efforts. It traces some of the solutions that are being applied both at the continental and at the regional levels, explores some of the lessons to be learned from these different cases, and proposes initial policy recommendations for the...

A Digital Stack for Transforming Service Delivery: ID, Payments, and Data Sharing

  • World Bank Group

Digital technologies are changing how the world interacts and transacts. From opening bank accounts to parents enrolling their children in school and social safety net programs verifying a new beneficiary, to businesses applying for licenses, day-to-day activities are becoming increasingly automated and integrated. Apart from reducing costs and spurring innovation, this creates opportunities to make better services available to more people, such as by removing the need to physically go...

The Digitalisation of Social Protection Before and Since the Onset of Covid-19: Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons

  • Christina Lowe

This paper discusses the main opportunities and challenges associated with digital social protection, drawing on trends pre-Covid and since the onset of the pandemic. It offers eight lessons to help social protection actors capitalize on technology’s potential in a risk-sensitive manner.

Social protection response to COVID-19 in rural LAC: The potential of digitalisation to build back better

  • Beatriz Burattini, Camila Rolon, Lucas Sato, Victor Thives, Louisa Wagner

This policy research brief analyses how digitalisation can facilitate rural populations’ access to effective and adequate social protection and economic inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. It investigates the region’s social protection response to COVID-19 and highlights three good practices in providing digitalised social protection to vulnerable rural populations during the crisis. Based on this analysis and considering the local obstacles to digitalised social protection in rural areas, recommendations...

Beneficiary Experience of Digital Government-to-Person (G2P) Payments in Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Philippines

  • Tanvi Jaluka

About 17 percent of the world’s population has received at least one COVID-19-related cash transfer payment since the onset of the pandemic. Many of these transfers have been conducted digitally to efficiently and safely provide economic relief to affected households. Amongst low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) that offered cash transfers, 58 disbursed funds directly to a fully functioning bank account, an account only for benefit withdrawal, or a digital non-bank...

South Asia’s Digital Opportunity: Accelerating Growth, Transforming Lives

  • World Bank Group

The report presents both the opportunities of and the bottlenecks for furthering the digitization of South Asia’s economies. It emphasizes the importance of integrating digital ID, payments, and data sharing systems into “digital stacks,” as well as fostering digital businesses and skills. Within this broader framework, the report discusses the experiences of regional governments with digital g2p payments.


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