G2P Network: Working Groups

Over the last decade, many developing country governments have taken steps to digitize G2P payments. The COVID-19 pandemic provided sudden, and often much-needed, momentum to these initiatives.

According to the World Bank, nearly 2 billion new beneficiaries are receiving social assistance as a result of COVID-19 relief measures – 75 percent in the form of cash transfers – in over 200 countries and territories. Digital financial services have played a major role in this massive global scale up of G2P transfers within a few months’ time.

The G2P response to COVID-19 provides a once-in-a-generation window of opportunity to advance financial inclusion and women’s economic empowerment, locking in the gains from digital social assistance payments for broader, more sustainable development goals.

This is a very broad agenda. It requires understanding the current challenges from different perspectives, bringing together a wide range of domain experts and reaching a broad set of global and country-level stakeholders with evidence on what works and how.

To do this, G2P Learning Network partners created 6 thematic Working Groups with the objective of providing a forum for sharing research, country cases and policy guidance for organizations working to achieve common goals. Please click on the Working Group links below to learn more about the objectives, outputs and recommendations.

  • Agent Networks: Coordinating Organization – CGAP
  • Onboarding: Coordinating Organization – CGAP
  • Research and Monitoring: Coordinating Organization – IPA
  • Targeting: Coordinating Organization – IPA
  • Awareness, Communication, and Outreach: Coordinating Organization – MSC
  • Exclusion: Coordinating Organization – Better Than Cash Alliance
  • Responsible Practices: Coordinating Organization – Better Than Cash Alliance

We will update this page as we receive submissions from the Working Groups, so please make sure you check this site regularly.