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National Cash Transfer Responses to Covid-19

  • Christina Lowe, Anna McCord, Rodolfo Beazley

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic complicated the delivery of social protection payments, while at the same time necessitating their use at unprecedented scale. Lowe, McCord, and Beazley analyze optimal approaches to distributing and expanding G2P transfers in 2020 by combining literature review with case studies of Nigeria, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Togo. Their findings highlight the importance of comprehensive ID systems, digital and financial inclusion, existing systems, and...

Public Financial Management and the Digitalization of Payments

  • Marco Cangiano, Alan Gelb, and Ruth Goodwin-Groen

Payments are central to how governments transfer and receive financial resources; however, the way such payments are made is often not mainstreamed in public financial management (PFM) despite the fact that many of the direct benefits from effective digitalization of payments are identitical to those traditionally expected from strong PFM systems. The digitalization of payments does not provide a silver bullet for solving PFM problems; therefore it needs to be approached in an integrated way, with leadership from central agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, to exploit the synergies between the many different types of payments facilitated by digital technology.

Let Her Choose: Supercharging G2P for Women

  • Greg Chen, Maria May

The most valuable innovation is in G2P delivery systems that empower women to choose how to receive their cash.

The elusive riddle of successful communication in welfare delivery programs

  • Arshi Aadil and Saborni Poddar

Despite efforts from governments across the globe, the poor lack awareness of social protection and welfare delivery programs. This blog explores the intricacies of government communication using case studies. It also discusses mastering the elements of planning, research, content, and outreach channels to develop an ideal communication strategy.

Ensuring Women’s Inclusion in COVID-19 Payments’ Reach and Benefits

  • Gisela Davico, Megan O’Donnell, Khalila Salim, William Derban, Keeya-Lee Ayre, Kathryn Glynn-Broderick, Saloni Tandon, Peter McConaghy, David Symington, Astrid de Valon, Lucia Hanmer, Andrina Schwartz, Saleh Khan, and Andy Woolnough

The COVID-19 Exclusion Working Group has focused its efforts on improving the design and deployment of emergency social assistance programs to make them work better for women.

Awareness, Communication, and Outreach for Social Protection Schemes during COVID-19

  • Graham A N Wright, Arshi Aadil, Karishma Pradhan, Abhishek Jain, A. Sanogo-Toure, Thao Hong, Moonmoon Shehrin, Emrys Schoemaker, Abi Gleek, Shelley Spencer, Hamilton McNutt, Richard Darlington, Njuhi Chege, and Astrid de Valon

This report on awareness, communication, and outreach highlights the need for the integration of key communication components for effective implementation of social protection programs.


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